Why a Rescue Knife is a Tool Every Hunter Should Carry

As a hunter, your first response tech is your best rescue knife. Without one, you will be crippled because you will definitely need it. It is often said that it’s better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it. I believe this is absolutely true for a rescue knife. It might be a bit cumbersome to carry it while on a hunt, but you will be thankful to have it when you need to cut something off.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Rescue Knife

At some point on a hunt, you might need to reduce a game into some tiny neat packages of meat you can decently store in a freezer. Or you might need to cut twigs for firewood to cook your game. A rescue knife is a multi-purpose tool that can handle all these. Here are some other uses for a decent rescue knife.

  1. Making tools—When you need tools like a peg or a walking stick, you can always use your rescue knife to cut some wood to create them. You can also cut a longer stick and sharpen its end points and you have a spear. You can easily hunt with this like Meera Reed of Game of Thrones.
  2. Processing wood—You will need firewood during your hunt. Probably to keep you warm of cook your game or both, a rescue knife will not shy away from all these responsibilities. Having a bonfire while waiting for the food to cook is all too easy when you have a knife to process those wood.
  3. Starting fire—Combined with a ferro rod, your rescue knife is a great source of fire starter that will never run out. Forget about starting a fire with a bow and a drill. Nobody really managed to start a fire with those these days. With ferro rod and a rescue knife, you can easily produce super-hot sparks to start a fire going.
  4. Digging—Although I strongly advise against this, you might still do it when there is nothing else to use. Or you can always opt to make a digging tool and use it for digging instead of your rescue knife.
  5. Hitting stuff—When the need arises, you can always use the pommel of the knife to hit stuff. The end of the handle of the knife can always serve as a decent hammer when you need to drive a stake or crack a nut open.
  6. Creating shelter—Do you need extra pegs for your tent? Cut some sticks with your rescue knife and use them for pegs.
  7. Rescuing people—Above all, use your knife for what it’s designed for; rescuing people. When the hunting situations escalate to really ugly, you can always use your knife for rescue operations.

These are some of the things that you can use a rescue knife for. It will always come in handy when the need comes, and you can always feel frustrated to find out that you did not bring one. So every time you go on a hunt, make sure to bring the best rescue knife.