Guns for Beginners

There are probably a lot of things going on in your mind right now; you are asking yourself so many questions about gun ownership. Plus, the responsibility and the ability to take one’s life easily could also hinder you from purchasing your first gun. There are many ways to make sure you are ready to get your first gun, there are orientations, seminars, counselling and license. If you got all of those things and you feel you are ready to delve in the world of guns, you’ve got to learn the basics and understand how to get the best gun for a beginner. Before that, we are going to discuss the parts of a gun.

Guns do have the following components: muzzle, breach, hammer and trigger. Let’s us start with the muzzle, which the front of the gun. This is a hole where the projectile comes out.

Breech is the back part of the gun. If you study the history of guns, ammo was loaded through the muzzle in the early days. Those are called muzzle-loading guns. AS time progresses, guns started to be loaded through the breech and thus they are called breech-loading guns.

Hammer is the one responsible for igniting the bullet primer and pushes the bullet out of the muzzle. It was called as hammer because it hammers the bullet out through the muzzle. Most handguns, the hammer is visible outside while rifles and pistols do have their hammer internally installed most of the time.

The trigger is the one you pull. A common quote that says, “Pull the trigger” is probably popular to you. This makes the gun do its purpose; shoot the bullet out of the muzzle towards its target. This is also the part of the firearm that files the round.

What Gun Should I Get?

If you are a complete beginner, you should get a handgun first. Most of the time, handguns are cheap, fun and easy to use. A .22 caliber handgun is a perfect complete beginner’s tool to learn how to shoot. It has a light feel, cheap to shoot and fun. Before moving up to a higher caliber, you should be proficient in handling and using lower calibers first. It’s like a step-by-step increase until you reach your desired caliber.

You should also consider your budget when getting a gun. Shooting is an expensive hobby and concealed carry is a serious thing. This is in no way a joke and you’ve got to have the patience, budget and seriousness before entering the world of firearms. In addition to that, ammunition is also a thing to consider. If you practice on a regular basis, you must also buy ammunition on a regular basis. But don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a quality firearm. If it’s taken care of properly, you can have service for a lifetime and it can even be passed down to your kids.

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