Fishing with a .22 Long Rifle: Does it Work?

Do you think you can fish with a 22 Long Rifle? Well, some Flannel Fishermen have done that just to give their best fishing rod a break. Why it will not replace your regular fishing gear, a .22LR is fun to shoot and fun to fish with as well. If you live in a swamp or a shallow river, you can fish with a long rifle and enjoy your day. Aside from being a nice fishing gun, the long rifle is also a handy gun for self defense. There are a lot of reasons why a fisherman should own a .22 long rifle.

Top Reasons Why a Fisherman Should Own a Long Rifle

You might be asking why a fisherman should own a gun. Well, there are a lot of reasons and although you can’t use it for real fishing, it will give you confidence knowing you have something to protect yourself with when it comes down to it. Here are a few more reasons why you should own a .22 long rifle.

  1. The gun is cheap

    You can easily purchase a long rifle under $100. What else can you buy with that amount that would be interesting enough? A decent bolt action long rifle is fun enough to shoot for a hobby gun owner and a full time fisherman.

  2. The ammo is cheap

    Due to its small footprint, the ammo of the long rifle is just to cheap. It wont cost you a lot to buy a box of long rifle ammo and have fun plinking. You can go to a shallow swap and find some fishes to fire at and have fun.

  3. There is plenty of ammo

    You have a wide range of ammo to choose from. Each one has a different feel to it and you will have a different experience every time. If you want to shoot at a bigger fish, you can choose hollow points for a bit of stopping power.

  4. They are quiet

    You won’t disturb you neighbors with it. Again, thanks to its small footprint, you wont even hear anything when you use a suppressor with it. But don’t let its small foot print deceive you, this little plinker can deliver a punch.

  5. There is no recoil

    Again thanks to its small footprint, there is no recoil with this gun. If you’re too sensitive to recoil, this gun is made for you. It’s smooth too shoot and you can do it all day.

  6. Its extremely accurate

    Due to its zero recoil, this gun is so accurate to shoot. If you want to increase your accuracy, you can even attach a scope to it.

A fisherman can own a gun and have fun with it. The next time you go to a gun store, pick up a .22 long rifle and pay for it. It is a good addition to your collection and for the reasons above, it is a good gun to own.