A Closer Look at Single Pin Bow Sights

Bow hunters who follow the best bow reviews know how lucky we are these days with the plethora of equipment choices available to us. With hunting season just around the bend, what better way to spend time than to discuss bow hunting equipment like the best single pin bow sight?

Hunters know that to make more accurate shots, bow sights really help a lot. The real issue is choosing the best for you. There are those who prefer the single pin while other are used to the multi-pin sight. Both sight designs have their loyal followers and both sides can defend their preference. Those who prefer the multi-pin sight are usually those who have been so used to it and don’t want to waste what they have already learned. There are also some disadvantages to the single pin design but in this article, we will talk about its advantages.

  1. Less confusion—Most people will move to single pin for the simple reason that it’s not hard to shoot with the wrong pin in the multi-pin architecture. This happens more than once to most hunters and you can just imagine the frustration. This is particularly true as bows are getting faster and pins are getting closer to each other. It’s just impossible to shoot faster without confusing the pins. With the single pin, you just need to focus on one and get a cleaner and confusion-free sight picture.
  2. More accurate shots—Shooting at distances of 35 yards, all you need to do is dial your single pin to it. There is no guessing, you know you are aiming at 35 yards. With the multi-pin, you know that all of these involves a lot of guesswork and plenty of chances to get it wrong. You can’t afford to go wrong when shooting at a buck, do you?
  3. Judge yardage better—Every hunter wants to know how far they are from their target. Judging yardage is more an art than a science and its mastered through years of practice. Shooting with a single movable pin makes you a better judge of yardage because you fine tune it exactly or at least close to it. While this will not replace years of practice, it does help a lot.

While most hunters start with multi-pin bow sight, eventually they will start using the single pin bow sight and they will never look back. The advantages that you get with this style of bow sight will make you regret why you did not start with it in the first place. The reasons above is enough to convince you that it’s advantageous to do so.

In the coming articles, we will also talk about the advantages of the multi-pin design. As what I have mentioned, there are avid fans of this design and you can’t overlook its advantages. It’s no accident that we have choices when it comes to bow sights. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Make your choices based on knowledge and I hope this article helps.