About Us

Hello and welcome to Peach State Concealment! I am Ricardo Moreno and I’m a gun enthusiast. I’m from a family of soldiers and because of that, I’ve been fond of guns since I was a young lad. Today, I’m living with my beautiful wife and two daughters with our loyal and smart dog, Red. I’ve decided to establish this personal blog because I really love guns and would like to help people like me to appreciate their powerful possessions better and to understand their purpose and usage.

As you can see, most people see guns as a weapon for killing, but for gun enthusiasts like me, it’s far beyond from that. One of the primary purpose of my gun is for hunting. Hunting is a great and fun sport that requires patience, agility and concentration. Another purpose of my gun is for self-defense. Nowadays, where crime seems to roam the street freely, you must have the ability to protect yourself.

The main purpose of this blog is to enable people from all over the world appreciate the value of having a gun. Of course, we will also include information about the proper and right usage of these powerful weapons. Only those who are responsible enough should be able to own a gun as we have witnessed hundreds of thousands of cases that involve improper use of guns resulting to a chaotic ending.

That’s all to it for this website, we are going to help you understand how to use them responsibly.