Fishing with a .22 Long Rifle: Does it Work?

Do you think you can fish with a 22 Long Rifle? Well, some Flannel Fishermen have done that just to give their best fishing rod a break. Why it will not replace your regular fishing gear, a .22LR is fun to shoot and fun to fish with as well. If you live in a swamp or a shallow river, you can fish with a long rifle and enjoy your day. Aside from being a nice fishing gun, the long rifle is also a handy gun for self defense. There are a lot of reasons why a fisherman should own a .22 long rifle.

Top Reasons Why a Fisherman Should Own a Long Rifle

You might be asking why a fisherman should own a gun. Well, there are a lot of reasons and although you can’t use it for real fishing, it will give you confidence knowing you have something to protect yourself with when it comes down to it. Here are a few more reasons why you should own a .22 long rifle.

  1. The gun is cheap

    You can easily purchase a long rifle under $100. What else can you buy with that amount that would be interesting enough? A decent bolt action long rifle is fun enough to shoot for a hobby gun owner and a full time fisherman.

  2. The ammo is cheap

    Due to its small footprint, the ammo of the long rifle is just to cheap. It wont cost you a lot to buy a box of long rifle ammo and have fun plinking. You can go to a shallow swap and find some fishes to fire at and have fun.

  3. There is plenty of ammo

    You have a wide range of ammo to choose from. Each one has a different feel to it and you will have a different experience every time. If you want to shoot at a bigger fish, you can choose hollow points for a bit of stopping power.

  4. They are quiet

    You won’t disturb you neighbors with it. Again, thanks to its small footprint, you wont even hear anything when you use a suppressor with it. But don’t let its small foot print deceive you, this little plinker can deliver a punch.

  5. There is no recoil

    Again thanks to its small footprint, there is no recoil with this gun. If you’re too sensitive to recoil, this gun is made for you. It’s smooth too shoot and you can do it all day.

  6. Its extremely accurate

    Due to its zero recoil, this gun is so accurate to shoot. If you want to increase your accuracy, you can even attach a scope to it.

A fisherman can own a gun and have fun with it. The next time you go to a gun store, pick up a .22 long rifle and pay for it. It is a good addition to your collection and for the reasons above, it is a good gun to own.

Why a Rescue Knife is a Tool Every Hunter Should Carry

As a hunter, your first response tech is your best rescue knife. Without one, you will be crippled because you will definitely need it. It is often said that it’s better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it. I believe this is absolutely true for a rescue knife. It might be a bit cumbersome to carry it while on a hunt, but you will be thankful to have it when you need to cut something off.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Rescue Knife

At some point on a hunt, you might need to reduce a game into some tiny neat packages of meat you can decently store in a freezer. Or you might need to cut twigs for firewood to cook your game. A rescue knife is a multi-purpose tool that can handle all these. Here are some other uses for a decent rescue knife.

  1. Making tools—When you need tools like a peg or a walking stick, you can always use your rescue knife to cut some wood to create them. You can also cut a longer stick and sharpen its end points and you have a spear. You can easily hunt with this like Meera Reed of Game of Thrones.
  2. Processing wood—You will need firewood during your hunt. Probably to keep you warm of cook your game or both, a rescue knife will not shy away from all these responsibilities. Having a bonfire while waiting for the food to cook is all too easy when you have a knife to process those wood.
  3. Starting fire—Combined with a ferro rod, your rescue knife is a great source of fire starter that will never run out. Forget about starting a fire with a bow and a drill. Nobody really managed to start a fire with those these days. With ferro rod and a rescue knife, you can easily produce super-hot sparks to start a fire going.
  4. Digging—Although I strongly advise against this, you might still do it when there is nothing else to use. Or you can always opt to make a digging tool and use it for digging instead of your rescue knife.
  5. Hitting stuff—When the need arises, you can always use the pommel of the knife to hit stuff. The end of the handle of the knife can always serve as a decent hammer when you need to drive a stake or crack a nut open.
  6. Creating shelter—Do you need extra pegs for your tent? Cut some sticks with your rescue knife and use them for pegs.
  7. Rescuing people—Above all, use your knife for what it’s designed for; rescuing people. When the hunting situations escalate to really ugly, you can always use your knife for rescue operations.

These are some of the things that you can use a rescue knife for. It will always come in handy when the need comes, and you can always feel frustrated to find out that you did not bring one. So every time you go on a hunt, make sure to bring the best rescue knife.

Handy Accessories for Hunting

Up for some hunting experience? Then better get all your things ready. Although when you’re going for a hunt, you don’t really need a lot of stuff to carry. But there are other accessories and items that you might not want to forget when you’re out for a hunting escapade.

If it’s your first time to go for a hunt, then you will find these tips helpful. You need to know some of the best and handy accessories that you can bring for hunting. Other than having a good air rifle and a high powered scope, you still need some other little accessories to help you along the way.

Prepare for Hunting

It’s pretty obvious, you need to make the right and the most appropriate preparation before you go hunting. First of all, you need to check your air rifle. You have to make sure that it is on its good condition. You might even need to do some test shooting to make sure that it works well. Make sure that it is properly cleaned and working great. If you are using a tomahawk for hunting, then see to it that your tomahawk is in good condition and make sure to carry them properly, maybe in a storage or a safety bag.

Then you also need to make sure that you are properly geared. Wearing the right clothing and gears will help you better with hunting. Some of the basic accessories like hand gloves, boots and rain jacket should be added on your must-have list. And all the other things that you certainly can’t hunt without. Not to forget about securing a permit to hunt, especially if you are in private property location.

Hunting Handy Accessories

If you have through the internet, you will see a lot of information about the best accessories to buy that will help you when you’re hunting. For instance, the Tac X Tactical provides all the necessary information about what accessories to buy that suits your needs.

In order to help you further, here are some of the basic yet handy accessories that you can bring with you when hunting.

Tactical knife. You surely will need a pocket knife to help you with a lot of cutting jobs. Choose the one that’s easy to carry and sharp enough to do all the cutting.

Compass and map: Unless you’re too familiar with the area, then you don’t necessarily need a compass or a map. But if you’re going out there, you need something to guide you through your location. The worst thing that would happen to a hunter is to get lost in the wild.

Water bladder. Can you imagine not bringing some water to drink when you’re outdoors? At least a water bladder is easy to carry and it doesn’t take much space.

Binoculars: Although you might have the best rifle scope, yet having a good binoculars will be more helpful. It would be easier for you to see your surroundings and your target.

There are still other things that you might consider bringing with you when hunting. Make sure that you’ve got everything ready and within your reach.







Why Paintball Guns Are a Fun Alternative to Real Guns

Since you were a kid, you are definitely passionate about guns. However, as much as you wanted to shoot and use a real gun, that’s way too dangerous and it’s law breaking, unless you’re a cop or working as a defense force. That’s probably the reason that replicas, air guns, pellet guns and paintball guns were made. And they are becoming more and more popular these days.

Gun enthusiasts who wanted to get the fun of shooting and hitting a target with a gun would end up playing simulations, using air guns or paintball guns. Paintball for instance is now becoming one popular and most played sport nowadays. The game gives people the opportunity to play using some military like tactics, which is very challenging and fun.

Fun with Guns

When we talk about using a gun, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it’s dangerous and worse deadly. But that would only be true if we are talking about real guns. But if we go with the less damaging and safe alternative like paintball guns, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. All the time are yours to enjoy and have fun with guns.

The main key to having the best shooting and paintball experience is to make sure of your own safety. Paintball guns are not deadly. But they might still hurt a bit when you get hit on some exposed parts of your body. That’s the main reason why it is always important that you wear your mask when you’re on the game zone. Also, make sure to check your paintball gun is working well to avoid accidents to happen.

Paintball Guns vs Real Guns

If you aren’t lucky enough to own a real gun or be able to shoot a real gun, your best alternative is a paintball gun. Of course, a paintball gun is far more than a real one. But if you are looking for a fun alternative and be able to play an exciting shooting game, then paintball is the best one for you. Let’s take a look at why paintball guns can be a fun alternative to a real gun.

Playing paintball gives you the opportunity to play a military like battle. Thus, your greatest dream of becoming an action star might become a reality at that moment. And it’s safe and it doesn’t kill you, really. You can even play with your loved ones, friends and families. It also gave you the change to apply some tactics to win the game. And that makes it even more exciting.

You might want to learn the game before going in for a game. For beginners, you should know the rules, the dos and don’ts and the safety habits. Of course, you also need to get your own paintball gun. If you’re new to this, you can always check with some Paintball Reviews to know which ones are good for you. Remember, the main key is to know the game, strategize and have the best paintball gun to use.


The Safest Ways to Store your Guns at Home

Guns! They can be powerful but lethal at times. There’s a good reason why many people are skeptical about owning or having one at home. Yet, on the positive side, having one at home would also mean safety and protection for the entire family.

gun safe
Thus, instead of giving up the opportunity of having a gun at home for protection, why don’t you think and find effective ways to store or keep your guns at home in the safest way possible? There are best suggested ways to store a gun and it requires proper thinking and considerations.

Guns at home?

Always remember, having a gun is not the problem at all. The problem is on how gun owners use them, or store them. When you have kids at home, there would be greater challenge of storing the guns right. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an air gun or pellet gun, it can still be harmful for anyone if it’s not being used accordingly.

Unlike all those kids playsets, you can’t just leave an air gun anywhere, especially if your kids are able to reach it. The safety of your home depends solely on how you keep or store your guns. You have to follow certain rules and regulations that relate to owning a gun. Be a responsible owner if you want your entire family safe and sound.

Gun Storing Ideas

In order to help you, here’s a good list of tips and ideas that might help you in storing your guns right at home.


Ideal Safe and gun cases. What is more effective than having a safe or an ideal gun case for your gun? Since you don’t want you little ones or anybody at home to have easy access to the gun, you need a good safe. However, make sure that you use something that uses codes or other security features to open. You can find some modern gun safe that offers good safety technology these days. Some of them can also be setup with easy access during emergencies that only you or someone responsible can do.

Unloaded. It’s pretty obvious. You need to make sure that your gun is unloaded before you store it. If you neglect to do that, worse things might happen. It would also be a better idea if you can store your gun and the ammunition separately. You should know better, the next thing that the person will have to look for after seeing a gun? Ammunition.

Maintenance. That should be done regularly. Even if you already checked and cleaned it before storing, spend some time in doing regular maintenance and checking. It’s the best way that you can guarantee that your guns will work as it is in case you need to use it.

The most important thing that you have to remember is you don’t just find ways to hide the gun. You have to safe keep it. You don’t have to be at ease and think that no one will ever find it wherever you hid it at home. Kids always have better ways to find hidden stuff.




Top Reasons to Own a Powerful Air Rifle

This probably one of the debates that you have with your partner, your wife or even your mother. Why do you really need to have a powerful air rifle? Is that necessary? Isn’t that dangerous? Obviously, only air rifle enthusiasts and seasoned hunters know the real answer to those questions.

air rifle

Although most people wouldn’t understand why you really have to go for the powerful ones, you yourself know why. In order to end all the discussions about you buying the most powerful air rifle, you might want to tell the skeptical the main reasons why you have to.

Why air Rifle?

Before we go further about using a powerful air rifle, it is important for us to answer, why should I go and choose an air rifle? Here are some of the advantages and best reasons why.

Air rifle are quiet to use. Obviously, air rifles do not have loud bang sound. Thus, using it will not cause trouble or you’re not disturbing anyone in the area.

It is air powered.  Well yes, it is an air rifle. Thus it depends solely on a certain type of air to work. Thus, you don’t need to spend too much to buy other parts. Sounds like a good savings.

Easy to use. It is very easy to use. Unlike all other types of rifles, it is the easiest ones to use. Not too much mechanical effort to shoot. They are also lightweight.

For survival. This is definitely very obvious. You have an air gun or an air rifle for survival especially if you stay in the outdoors most of the time.

For Hunting. Hunters these days would go for the best quality air rifles to hunt. The latest and the most powerful ones will definitely help them bring some trophies at home.

Own Powerful Rifle?

powerfulWhy not? The only thing why many people are so skeptical about powerful air rifles is that it might harm someone. Many of the most powerful air guns and rifles are quite very similar to the real ones. That’s even the reason why different states and cities in the US have specific rules and regulations about using, owning and carrying powerful air rifles.

Despite of all the negative factors that come with powerful air rifles, it can still be outnumbered by the best reasons why you need to own one.

For protection

Obviously, you don’t buy a powerful air rifle just be a trigger happy. It’s always about protection and safety. In which most of us really need.

Better Shooting

Do you really need a powerful air rifle just to shoot better? Definitely. Especially for long range shooters and hunters. In order for them to fire in a distance, they need to have the powerful air rifle.


This is about quality. Who doesn’t want to have the best quality and the toughest air rifle ever made? Your choice should always be about toughness. They are the ones that would last a lifetime.

One more note. Make sure to check with your local regulations about air rifles. Some cities have limits and only allow specific caliber for air guns and rifles. To play safe, know the rules first!




Our Favorite Rimfire Scopes

Choosing the right type of rimfire scope for your rimfire rifle is necessary for optimal performance. Many people fail to match a suitable rimfire rifle scope for their rimfire and this is one of the most common mistake that leads to a poor performance. General target shooting and traditional big game scopes uses a fixed parallax setting around 200 yards. Rimfire shots at that distance are rare, therefore, getting a scope that’s primarily designed for rimfire rifle use is very important. With that in mind, we have created a list of rimfire scope review to help you decide which rimfire scope you’ll get.

Nikon 2-7x32mm P-Rimfire

Experience Nikon performance for less than $150. The scope uses a 50-yard parallax setting plus optimized adjustments for a 50-yard zero. Unlike other rimfire scopes, Nikon allows you to create quarter minute adjustments at 50. In addition to those amazing features, it’s also fog proof and waterproof and ultimately comes with Nikon’s lifetime warranty.

Leupold VX-1 Rimfire

One of the finest names in the rifle scopes, Leupold’s quality is top notch. That quality, however, comes with a price tag and .22 shooters are cheap. Cheap shooters can still be reliably accurate and you can get away with a basic scope. But if you own a high end performance .22 rifle, then you’ll want a high end scope for a match and Leupold has got one just for you. The Leupold VX-1 rimfire scopes are designed to maximize light transmission and in addition to that, they have a proprietary optical coating that help you see the target clearly. The scope comes with a waterproofed body and manufactured comes with the rimfire shooter in mind.

BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

What’s better than a lifetime warranty? The best thing about it is that this riflescope is probably one of the cheapest but still packs a powerful 3 to 9 power magnification, plus many other features to look out for. It has a 32mm object lens purges with nitrogen making it fog proof along with rings and lens covers. It’s designed with .22 shooters in mind and is sure to bring powerful features into a budget friendly rimfire scope.

BSA Sweet 22 Rifle Scope Review

High quality and low priced, is there something like this that exists? Yes, there is. BSA has been around for a long time, therefore, you can expect only superb quality for an affordable price from them. Though cheaper than most high-end rifle scopes, it can still compete against larger manufacturers in terms of features and quality. The Sweet 22 is designed with .22 long rifle cartridge in mind. It comes with an interchangeable target turret, high quality optics, waterproof and fog proofing make and finally, a large 40mm objective lens for maximum light gathering. It is one of the best scope for a budget-conscious shooter looking for quality.

Guns for Beginners

There are probably a lot of things going on in your mind right now; you are asking yourself so many questions about gun ownership. Plus, the responsibility and the ability to take one’s life easily could also hinder you from purchasing your first gun. There are many ways to make sure you are ready to get your first gun, there are orientations, seminars, counselling and license. If you got all of those things and you feel you are ready to delve in the world of guns, you’ve got to learn the basics and understand how to get the best gun for a beginner. Before that, we are going to discuss the parts of a gun.

Guns do have the following components: muzzle, breach, hammer and trigger. Let’s us start with the muzzle, which the front of the gun. This is a hole where the projectile comes out.

Breech is the back part of the gun. If you study the history of guns, ammo was loaded through the muzzle in the early days. Those are called muzzle-loading guns. AS time progresses, guns started to be loaded through the breech and thus they are called breech-loading guns.

Hammer is the one responsible for igniting the bullet primer and pushes the bullet out of the muzzle. It was called as hammer because it hammers the bullet out through the muzzle. Most handguns, the hammer is visible outside while rifles and pistols do have their hammer internally installed most of the time.

The trigger is the one you pull. A common quote that says, “Pull the trigger” is probably popular to you. This makes the gun do its purpose; shoot the bullet out of the muzzle towards its target. This is also the part of the firearm that files the round.

What Gun Should I Get?

If you are a complete beginner, you should get a handgun first. Most of the time, handguns are cheap, fun and easy to use. A .22 caliber handgun is a perfect complete beginner’s tool to learn how to shoot. It has a light feel, cheap to shoot and fun. Before moving up to a higher caliber, you should be proficient in handling and using lower calibers first. It’s like a step-by-step increase until you reach your desired caliber.

You should also consider your budget when getting a gun. Shooting is an expensive hobby and concealed carry is a serious thing. This is in no way a joke and you’ve got to have the patience, budget and seriousness before entering the world of firearms. In addition to that, ammunition is also a thing to consider. If you practice on a regular basis, you must also buy ammunition on a regular basis. But don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a quality firearm. If it’s taken care of properly, you can have service for a lifetime and it can even be passed down to your kids.